Factor graphs for Sensor Fusion in Robotics.

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The OpenSAM Foundation (OSF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the use of factor graphs for sensor fusion in robotics and computer vision applications.

  • What are Factor Graphs?

    By Frank Dellaert, @fdellaert on Twitter

    Many computational problems in robotics have an optimization problem at their core. For example, in simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and many other estimation problems we are after a maximum a posteriori estimate, i.e., we try to maximize posterior probability of the variables given a set of measurements. When attempting to act optimally, we try to maximize a performance index, or conversely minimize a penalty function. And even in classical planning, we are trying to find an assignment to a set of discrete variables that minimizes the plan length or optimizes for some other desirable property of the plan.

  • Launching

    Today we launched OpenSAM’s new web presence, The site is hosted by Github Pages, and is generated via Jekyll, a simple static website generator.

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